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mod_ret_t mm_pkt_sm ( mm_t  mm,
pkt_t  pkt 

fire pkt-sm chain

packets for sm

Definition at line 539 of file mm.c.

References mod_instance_st::mod, mod_PASS, module_st::name, mm_st::npkt_sm, module_st::pkt_sm, and mm_st::pkt_sm.

Referenced by dispatch().

    int n, ret = 0;
    mod_instance_t mi;

    log_debug(ZONE, "dispatching pkt-sm chain");

    for(n = 0; n < mm->npkt_sm; n++) {
        mi = mm->pkt_sm[n];
        if(mi == NULL || mi->mod->pkt_sm == NULL) {
            log_debug(ZONE, "module %s has no handler for this chain", mi->mod->name);

        log_debug(ZONE, "calling module %s", mi->mod->name);

        ret = (mi->mod->pkt_sm)(mi, pkt);
        if(ret != mod_PASS)

    log_debug(ZONE, "pkt-sm chain returning %d", ret);

    return ret;

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